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Brigitte Anama

Member Since : Sep-17-2010
Appointments Completed : 8

City : Suitland
State : MD
My Site : http://hairbraidingclub.com/
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Twitter : http://twitter.com/#!/braidingclub
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The Best Hair Braiding Salons in Maryland

 They are located at 3613 Saint barnabas Road in Suitland, MD.  The phone number is 301-423-3332- The hours 24 hours but you must call in advance to make an appointment. They do a great braids whenever you are looking for hair braiding salons. Most women who for example their hair braided are aware that whenever considering braids, hair braiding has to be done correctly. It is usually crouwded so ensure to make an early appointment. I look into it this way, since they stay crowded then you know that they do good hair. They are going to braid any size braids to any length. It is always done very neatly and with minimal pain. Anyone who has ever gotten their hair braided before knows how crucial it is not to have them braided too tightly. If it is completed too tight then there will be a headache for days until there is new groth or your braids loosen. The shop itself is small however they should soon be moving to a a lot more enormous places since the clientele is endlessly growing. They also try to keep the shop  very clear and neat. The hair braiders you'll find make you feel at home from the second that you get in. And if you've never had braids before they will do their best to help you find the right look and instruct you on how to keep that look cool. This hair braiding salon is well worth the money you spend!



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